A black and white road sign against a blue sky which shows an arrow pointing to the left with the words "Good Habits" and an arrow pointing to the left with the words "Bad Habits"

There are many things I would change if I could, one being Kailynn’s fate the day she last drove out the lane at the farm. However, that is something I have no power over.

What I do have power over, and what you have power over, are our decisions. Every morning we wake up and walk into a world of thousands of decisions. Do I turn left or right? Do I have soup or a sandwich? Or, both? Most of our decisions are not life altering, but some are.

When you get into the driver’s seat of whatever vehicle you are in control of, the decisions you make will –– not may, but will affect you and everyone around you. Friends, family, and strangers. Your decisions can have a negative or a positive affect.

The choice to start a habit of safe driving, if you are new driver, or changing your bad habits that you have built up over the years, is your decision. Here are some safe habits that you can start:

  • Mapping out your route prior to leaving. If you have GPS ability in your vehicle, set the location before you put the car into drive.
  • Enable your “modes and routines” in your cell phone. Turn on your “Do Not Disturb” function to automatically come on when you start driving. You won’t miss anything, you’ll just actually live to see the messages later!
  • If you are still in the flip-phone age, and some people still are, put the phone in the back seat, out of reach.
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking that hands free means distraction free. It does not. Carrying on that crazy conversation, or that intense fight while driving is still distracting.
  • Be the best friend ever, and take control of the stereo, the phone, and giving the directions.

There are a ton of other ways to make safe choices. Share these ideas with your friends, family, and on social media (mine and yours!). You never know if someone will pick up a word of advice you give and it will save their life.

Remember, it is your life at stake as well as the lives of those around you. Make a smart, safe decision. Put the phones down and focus on the road. Your reward will be a tomorrow.

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